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31 Ocak 2015 Cumartesi

Been A While.

It definitely has been a while. I took a lil' break from everything, and basically been living indoor for the time being. In some ways it helped me, and in some ways this make-shift runaway made me even more nervous, because it has an ending and now I'm there.

School's back on monday. I gotta move back to dorm, leave the comfort of my family's place. Well I definitely missed living alone, living by my own rules but this feels like a goodbye, in some ways, and I despise good-byes. I don't even know when will I be back here again, last semester I didn't even visited once for 4 months.

There are good things happening too. In my time off, I've done lots of things. I decided to practice on my illustrations, and came quite a way on digital art. You can take a look at them if you want, I also started an art blog.

I've been definitely reading a lot. Both literary, and comics-wise. Found almost every issue of Sandman, (trust me, I've spent a fortune - time and money combined) and this is a huge deal because in Turkey you can't easily find comics in their original languages. I'm following the Walking Dead, Sex Criminals, Thor (2014, female story arc), Star Wars, Copperhead and Lil Depressed Boy at the moment. It's a great hobby, helps me take my mind off of things.

My stay here was perfect when it comes to dinners. My family has finally fully accepted my decision of becoming a vegetarian (it's been 1 year) and they filled me up with plenty of veggies. Also, my uncle recently started getting nauseous after eating any kinda meat, so I'm not alone being a veggie-head. It's funny, cause he was the one making the most fun of me not eating meat. I'm the one who's laughing now.

Wonder if my depression and weekly schedule would let me feed myself when I'm alone.

Speaking of food, I've recently started YourTea Tiny Teatox. It's my 3rd day, and so far I'm feeling good. It's 3 times a day, 30 minutes before dinners. Which is great because my stomach always has hard time processing food, and this tea helps me feeling like I've eaten a healthy lunch, and not a bag of rocks.

Before I go, I have some songs to share I've been listening to over and over again lately. It happened to be a nice, calm playlist you can listen to when you're reading, studying or getting ready to sleep.

Hope everyone's doing good!

ps: I've no idea how to embed an 8tracks playlist on blogger, something's not right with the iframe they generate.

20 Nisan 2014 Pazar

A Gloomy Afternoon.

It's april, but feels more like september. Spent my whole day wandering around the campus overthinking. Listened Alex Turner's It's Hard To Get Around The Wind, and did some more thinking. Petted some stray dogs every now and then, ate a banana in that football field. Life's weird. I'm not quite sure if it's a good kind of weird. Wish I could shut my head off sometimes. There was lots of people around, and I felt like I was the only one who got the blues.
But all in all, it was nice after all.

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