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10 Mart 2014 Pazartesi

Chaos Is A Friend.

So. In this post, I'm going the unusual way. This is my dorm room, and not a single object was touched/organised before I take this shots. I could've tidy up the place before showing around, but can't see the point in doing so. This way, you can learn more about me.

I'm an engineering physics student and the %90 of the time, I work hard. There come times where I live in the library with my blanket, there come the times where I can't even find the chance to sleep. I'm not organized, all cleaned up and cute. And my room is definitely not either. But see, I don't wanna fake anything, I don't want to be a blogger where you can't see a single flaw.

In these 3 pictures below, you can see what kind of a person I am. Honestly, these pictures contain more information about me than this whole blog and I love it. 

This post made me happy. Now I'll go make some coffee and start studying for the midterm wednesday. After that, some pilates awaits!

Cheers my people, hope you're having a nice day.

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  1. hello :) I'm fine only I have so many tests, but I promise that I will post my new outfits soon :)
    great photos! :)


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